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Midas - a profitable investment for SEAS-NVE

Deregulation of the Danish energy sector calls for intensified focus on competitive products, prices and services. The company SEAS-NVE, who supplies electricity and fibre-optic broadband to 400,000 customers, has implemented Midas, the power trading solution from Conscius. Midas is an important tool for SEAS-NVE in connection with business administration and the growth strategy of the company. The result is a considerable reduction of paperwork, efficient control of administrative procedures and targeted risk management.

Reason for choosing Midas

"We chose Midas in order to support our growth strategy for the future. Due to efficient sales procedures, flexible integration of e.g. settlement and risk management, Midas will reduce our operational risks and ensure further focus on contribution margin and revenue. Midas provides a continuous overview of our open positions, and by means of well-defined products and focus on self-service, Midas will strengthen our position on the competitive market for electrical power customers in the years to come," explains Ole Vestergaard, VP Markets.

Expectations to future co-operation

SEAS-NVE implemented Midas in the middle of September, and the company has great expectations as to the impact of flexible sales processes, open integration and greater transparency throughout the organisation. In addition, Midas will contribute to a reduction of the risk between sale and purchase through continuous focus on open positions.
In the long term, Midas is to contribute to SEAS-NVE's business through increased functionality and improved integration between business processes and IT systems.

Clear results

Less than a year after implementing Midas, SEAS-NVE is beginning to see positive results of their investment:
"In 2012, SEAS-NVE implemented a new software system, Midas, to handle energy contracts. The system further professionalises energy trading and significantly improves our overview of market exposure. It minimises our risks and automises customer service, providing our customers with swift and individual service. Midas supports a number of pricing processes, thereby shortening our response time in the energy market," SEAS-NVE, Annual report 2012


  • 400.000 customers
  • More than 700 employees
  • Annual revenue: 2.800.000.000 DKK

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