Improve Sale Process

Midas makes it possible for energy companies to ensure earnings on every sale and enables you to strengthen your market position.

  • 3 step and 30 second contract offering
  • Release resources for added sales activity
  • Live updated price calculation
  • Handle 5000+ meters in one contract
  • Always on-the-fly updated profit
  • Contribution margin on each sale
  • Calculated consumption forecasts
  • IPad friendly for use in field sales


Customer Contract Management

  • Seamless offer and contract process
  • Customized contract templates
  • Make contracts in the field
  • Monitor contracts with live updated prices and continuous updated profit
  • Track and make changes during the entire contract period
  • Contract profile, price and hedge demand are automatically updated when changes occur
  • Real time knowledge and consequences of contract changes
  • Extend contract when the market is favorable
  • Hedging portfolio is automatically updated

Products and Pricing

  • Offers variety of products
  • Simple implementation of standard products
  • Customize complex products
  • Support campaigns easily
  • Support multiple price curves
  • Companies' FWD curve can be used for pricing

Hedge and Risk go Hand in Hand

Midas continuously updates sold positions and keeps track of total sold positions which minimizes risk when hedging. This is done during the entire contract life cycle. Midas keeps track of the sold purchase quantities in the associated portfolios.

  • Real-time control over sold position
  • Minimizes risk dramatically and improves compliance
  • Overview of:
    • Present and future aggregated sales exposure
    • Total sold positions
    • Sales and trade profit
    • Split of value created between sales and trading

Management Cockpit

Midas collects relevant data which can be used through Midas' Business Intelligence to create intuitive visual reports to help you make decisions, minimize risks and optimize your business.

  • Performance overview at all levels
  • Provides quick answers to critical management questions
  • Contracts contribution
  • Profit on each sale, campaigns and on total sales
  • Individual sales performance
  • Aggregated volume deviation
  • Profile risk deviation


"In 2012, SEAS-NVE implemented a new software system, Midas, to handle energy contracts. The system further professionalises energy trading and significantly improves our overview of market exposure. It minimises our risks and automises customer service, providing our customers with swift and individual service. Midas supports a number of pricing processes, thereby shortening our response time in the energy market."

SEAS-NVE, Annual report 2012

"A major part of the project consisted of implementing the sales, contract management and risk solution, Midas, developed and delivered by Conscious A/S. This has provided SEAS-NVE with a complete overview of their sales channels, products and hedging."

Flemming Silius, Silus Business Consulting

Midas is tailored for the energy market

Due to the liberalised energy market with ever-increasing competition, energy suppliers are forced to optimise all aspects of their business. Midas ensures profitability in the business, creates a surplus in the sales process by relocating resources to where they create the most value. Midas generates increased insight into the details of value creation, and last but not least, enhances competitiveness on the energy market.


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