Midas Helps Energy Companies

Midas helps energy suppliers working with electricity and gas to dramatically increase efficiency in the sales process, provide contract management and product/price handling - for handling residential, commercial and industrial end-users.


Products and Pricing

A wide variety of products that supports multiple price curves and can be configured to support your every needs.

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Improve Sale Process

Midas makes it possible for energy companies to ensure earnings on every sale and enables you to strengthen your market position.

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Hedge and Risk go Hand in Hand

Midas continuously updates sold positions and keeps track of total sold positions which minimizes risk when hedging. This is done during the entire contract life cycle. Midas keeps track of the sold purchase quantities in the associated portfolios.

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Customer Contract Management

Contract profile, price and hedge demand are automatically updated when changes occur which gives you real time knowledge and consequences of contract changes.

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Management Cockpit

Midas collects relevant data which can be used through Midas' Business Intelligence to create
intuitive visual reports to help you make decisions, minimize risks and optimize your business.

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  50-70 %
Increase sales
process efficiency

  30-50 %
Decrease in risk
for the complete
contract life cycle

Key Features

  • Increase sales efficiency by more than 50%
  • Forecast profit on each sale
  • Handles offer and contract
  • Products/price-feed for all needs
  • Present and future control over aggregate exposure
  • Business Intelligence / data analysis
  • Minimize risk in a competitive and volatile market
  • Increase profitability
  • Estimated ROI of 12 months

Real-time Control and Overview

Midas also delivers real-time control and overview of present and future aggregated sales exposure and demand for hedge positions combined with a strong management cockpit for business intelligence and analysis.

Developed by Conscius - Creating success for the Scandinavian Retail Energy Industry since 2008.